"Since installing air curtains over both our back door and our drive-thru, we have noticed a huge improvement."
- Tim Hortons, White Horse

"The AES air curtain also contributes to overall efficiency - and safety - of our operations. Our forklift operators do not have to wait for the door to open to exit and enter with their loads. Of course with no physical barrier, there is complete visibility with no danger of sight obstruction, which is no small issue in our busy environment."
Baker Petrolite/Hughes
Calgary, AB
"The air curtain has operated flawlessly for 2 years and the staff has appreciated the protection from the cold Saskatchewan winter air each time the wash rack door is opened. We open and close the door 25 - 30 times per day seven days a week."
STC the Bus Cmpany
Saskatchewan, SK
"When we used to get our deliveries before, the whole store would be cold on a cold day, now when it's 20 below I am unloading the truck in the back without even having my jacket on. I would highly recommend this product."
Tim Hortons
Whitehorse, Yukon
"The air curtain allows us to leave the doors open for customers to easily enter the store while keeping the temperature in the store at a comfortable level. It also reduced our heating and cooling costs overall."
Lululemon Athletica
Vancouver, BC
"The air curtain installations proved to be an immediate success, by preventing the migration of air-conditioned air in the summer, and heated air in the winter, thereby reducing energy costs. Also, with food safety a constant concern we have noticed a significant reduction in flying insects in our workplace."
Tim Hortons
Barrie, ON
"This unit prevented any flying insect from penetrating through our back door. We would proudly recommend this kind of unity at any location that has this pest concern."
Swiss Chalet
Calgary, AB
"Since we have installed our AES Air Curtain last year, our hotel lobby’s heating problem has disappeared. Our twenty foot ceilings have always been a detriment to our guest experience when the thermometer dips below the zero mark."
Prestige Harbourfront Resort & Convention Centre
Salmon Arm, BC
"The air curtain allows us to leave the doors open for customers to easily enter the store while keeping the temperature in the store at a comfortable level. It also reduced our heating and cooling costs overall."
Sobeys, Country Hills
Calgary, AB
"We have now had it for almost a year and have been very happy with its performance. It has created a comfortable work area for the both the summer and winter. The heating option a great plus in the winter season."
Canmore, AB
"Since then we have noticed a tremendous difference when our rear door is open for our TDL deliveries, other receiving, and for our garbage disposal runs. Despite the fact that our receiving door faces north, we have found that the AES air curtain provides a very effective seal, helping greatly to retain our warm air, while essentially blunting the entry of the cold winter air. We appreciate this “new comfort” even on the coldest of days."
Tim Hortons #2126
Saskatoon, SK
"We are extremely appreciative of this product and would recommend them to anyone who has an entry way that is open to the elements."
Prince of Peace Christian Community
Calgary, AB
"These units provide our staff and customers with a greatly enhanced comfort level, preventing the entry of dust and insects into the store and maintaining a constant comfortable temperature level in all seasons, particularly at our cash lanes."
Canadian Tire
Airdrie, AB
"We looked at other possible solutions such as plastic curtains but decided that this was the best solution and we’ve been very happy with the results."
Control Innovations Inc.
Calgary, AB
"I believe the AES air curtain to be of excellent quality, and I have nothing but positive experiences with both the installation and operation of both units."
Sarcan Recycling
Regina, SK
"The most significant benefit that we have noticed is that our air conditioning units have not had to be turned on at all since the beginning of summer. This is a considerable savings in energy cost. The store remains comfortable even on the hottest days because there is little or no loss of cool air through the doors because of the barrier provided by the air curtains."
London Road Market
Lethbridge, AB

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