Prince of Peace Christian Community

Regarding front entry air curtains

Prince of Peace Manor is a senior’s facility just east of the city of Calgary. It has 125 suites as well as a Community Center and Banquet room under one roof. Due to the large amount of traffic that goest through our automated sliding doors on any given day, we experience two very different problems at different times of the year. In the spring and summer we often get flying insects following people in from outside. In the winter our front entry tends to be very cool between our foyer doors and our entry doors. In the winter of 2005 we froze up a water line in the ceiling of our exterior hallway due to the front door freezing open.

In the late spring of 2005 we installed two overhead air curtains supplied by Advanced Energy Solutions Inc. When we first looked at using your air curtains we saw 2 big advantages to them and our facility. They were to try and slow down insects and to keep the front area warmer. In both cases the air curtains exceeded our expectations. During the warmer months we leave them on low. By doing so we all but eliminated any flying insects from coming into the Manor. More importantly to myself is the difference that they have already made this winter. During the colder months we have turned the air curtains up to high.

December 5, 2005 we experience a cold day of about -15 degrees Celsius with high winds. I was contacted by Manor staff and informed that the front doors were frozen open and had been that way for sometime. My first thought was of the broken waterline from the winter before. It was caused due to similar circumstances. When I first entered the hallway connected to the front entry I noticed that the temperature was still around 15 degrees Celsius, which made me breathe a sigh of relief. When I got to the front entry, the doors were stuck wide open leaving us with an opening of over 4 feet. Even with a strong wind, our front entry was not unbelievably cold. Once we fixed the doors and allowed them to shut, the temperature cam back to normal within 5 minutes. Had this happened the year before, I would have had ice on my floor, if not worse! I would like to point out that these units don’t provide heat. Their only function is to provide an air curtain. I feel that these units will more than pay for themselves just in heating cost savings over the course of one year. They are also very ecstatically pleasing to the building, and most people don’t even realize that they’re there.

We are extremely appreciative of this product and would recommend them to anyone who has an entry way that is open to the elements.

Gerald Miler
Property Services Manager