Applications by Industry

There are thousands of installed AES Air Curtains, here are a few.

At this very moment, hundreds of businesses across Canada are using AES Air Curtains to save money on their energy bills, reduce their carbon footprint, and ensure and dramatically improve customer and employee comfort.

If your business has a door or drive-thru window, you too can benefit from an AES Air Curtain.

Since 2001, AES has been providing both custom and ready-to-go solutions for a wide variety of businesses. From small drive-thru windows, retail, restaurants, right up to large industrial applications for shop and bay doors. AES Air Curtains are protecting thousands of doors right now – odds are, you’ve walked under one this week!

Here are just a sample of some of the solutions we’ve provided over the years. There’s an Air Curtain just right for your application – talk to us today.


Building Management

Fast Food

Food Processing






Grocery Supermarket



Specialty Design

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