Tim Hortons, Barrie

In the spring of 2006, we installed the “AES Air Curtain System” at the rear receiving door in two of our full store locations, and at the front entrance door of our downtown walk-in satellite location.

The air curtain installations proved to be an immediate success, by preventing the migration of air-conditioned air in the summer, and heated air in the winter, thereby reducing energy costs. Also, with food safety a constant concern we have noticed a significant reduction in flying insects in our workplace. We were so impressed with the improvement of the inside environment in our backroom areas, that we have purchased and currently testing an air curtain system for our drive-thru window.

Advanced Energy Solutions Inc. and their representatives are very courteous and professional. The air curtain installations have provided us with an improved workspace environment and an effective energy conservation program, in our Tim Hortons locations.

Brian Elliott
Tim Hortons, Franchisee
Barrie, Ontario