Biddle goes to a whole new level of efficiency, aesthetics, comfort, and low noise levels! Biddle CHIPs technology has built-in intelligence that can detect indoor and outdoor temperatures, and self-adjust its comfort settings! Supply conditioned air at comfort levels that are perfect for your customer – All while providing you with considerable energy savings!

SR Air Curtain


Outside doors of shops and public buildings are often left open for commercial reasons. An open door arouses curiosity and makes the building more accessible, which contributes to the customer-friendly approach. But when the door is open, incoming colder air will disturb the indoor climate. For customers as well as staff, draughts feel very unpleasant. Besides, precious warm air can freely escape to the outside.

The comfort air curtain, DoorFlow model, warms the cold air before it enters the building and prevents the escape of warm air through the open door. Installing the DoorFlow above the door means increased energy efficiency and the prevention of draught problems. The DoorFlow proves that an open door and a comfortable indoor climate can coexist perfectly well.


SR air curtains are the ideal solution for retailers and other end-users to combat the issue of climate separation across their outlet or office building doorway. The importance of accessibility to attract customers in the retail sector is well-known, but with this free form of access through ‘open door’ trading, cold draughts and high-energy bills are often the consequence.


The Biddle IndAC2 industrial air curtain, is the perfect solution for separating climates in industrial buildings. The IndAC2 air curtain can be used for climate separation between indoor and outdoor environments and for indoor climate separation. When a door is open, the difference between the inside and outside temperature leads to an exchange of air, resulting in cold air entering and warm, heated air, flowing out.

When the IndAC2 air curtain is mounted above or next to an open door it provides a very efficient separation of two climates at the lowest energy consumption. The comfort of staff operating near the door is improved by heating the air curtain outlet stream thus preventing draught. A corridor might seem a relative cheap option but it makes logistic, such as traffic and stock movements, harder. A fast roller shutter door may need to be replaced every few years and requires regular maintenance. An air curtain enables fast and safe logistics and saves energy at the same time. Therefore the IndAC2 offers a high return on investment.