I am writing this letter to report my experience with air curtains purchased from Advanced Energy Solutions (AES). 

We purchased and installed our first unit in the fall of 2006, in time to be of full benefit to us during the approaching winter. We have two large overhead doors located at each end of our building which allow forklift access into and out of our building on a continuous basis throughout the day. I would estimate that these doors are open about 20% of the time. 

Prior to installing our first unit, we had PVC vinyl strip curtains over our door. This vinyl strip curtain could not provide the same benefits as the AES air curtain. First, we found that the interior temperature in our warehouse remained very comfortable, even on the coldest of winter days. My employees greatly appreciated the consistently warm working environment. Second, the safety aspect of having no physical barrier to obstruct the vision of three forklifts that continually drive through the doors to get outside and inside the building. Third, we have reduced our use of energy through the retention of our warm air during our seven winter heating months. After seeing the benefits last winter with our first AES product, I knew that it would be greatly advantageous to secure a second unit. Our second unit was purchased and installed in October 2007. 

In my dealings with AES, I have found them to be very attentive and responsive to my inquiries and particular individual needs. I have appreciated their two “on site” visits to examine my facility, and further explain their product and its technological features. I believe the AES air curtain to be of excellent quality, and I have nothing but positive experiences with both the installation and operation of both units. 

I would not hesitate to recommend AES air curtains to any enterprise wishing to provide a comfortable working environment to their employees and also wishing to conserve energy. 


Chris Marr
Processing Manager
SARCAN Recycling