Tim Hortons, Saskatoon

We have now had your AES air curtain over our rear, north facing receiving door, for almost a year, having installed it in November of 2005. This will serve to provide an account of our experience with your product.

We have mounted it directly over the top of our rear receiving door.

Since then we have noticed a tremendous difference when our rear door is open for our TDL deliveries, other receiving, and for our garbage disposal runs. Despite the fact that our receiving door faces north, we have found that the AES air curtain provides a very effective seal, helping greatly to retain our warm air, while essentially blunting the entry of the cold winter air. We appreciate this “new comfort” even on the coldest of days.

Now in these summer months we have noticed another benefit. The air curtain has noticeably reduced the number of flying pests entering through our rear door.

We would definitely recommend it to other Tim Hortons locations.

Best regards,
Dale & Janna Martin
Owner / Operators
Saskatoon, SK