Keep The Outside-Outside.

Air Curtains do that.
By creating invisible barriers they keep your energy and comfort inside and the elements outside. Make environmental separation easy with an AES Air Curtain.

Don't Let Your Profits Walk Out the Door

Without an air curtain, open doors:

  • Force businesses to pay up to 20% more on heating and cooling
  • Create temperature changes that dissatisfy employees and customers 
  • Significantly reduce productivity in cold environments

Improve your bottom line every time the door opens and provide the best in employee and customer comfort.

We know you need to maintain a comfortable work environment while reducing your carbon footprint and cost of doing business.

We supply air curtains for every application from small drive thru windows, retail and restaurants, right up to large industrial applications for shop and bay doors.

Better By Design

🇨🇦 We’re proudly Canadian with national sales and service and a head office in Calgary, AlbertaWhatever your requirements, the AES team is here to work with you. 

Years in Business
+ Doors Protected

“Since installing air curtains over both our back door and our drive-thru, we have noticed a huge improvement. I would highly recommend this product.”

Dean Terry Owner/Operator Tim Hortons White Horse

There's an Air Curtain just right for your application.





Three steps to getting your new Air Curtain

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Choose the Unit that's Right for You

We’ll provide you with recommendations for the unit and its installation.

Enjoy the Benefits & ROI

You’ll see and feel the results immediately!