On December 1, 2005, AES installed air curtains, each 6ft wide, over both our main customer entrance and exit doors. This letter will speak to our experience with them since that time.

We have noticed many benefits. The lobby is much warmer. Also the staff at our front customer service counter are very appreciative of the difference the units have made in shielding them from the cold draft formally experienced from the exit doors. I have noticed that when I enter the store, I truly feel inside, despite the open door and the cold weather on the other side of the air curtain. In addition, I have noticed much less dust and debris in our vestibule.

We also experienced an additional, unexpected benefit one day this past winter. Our heat unexpectedly failed in the vestibule yet the air curtains kept the temperature comfortable for the staff despite the frequent opening of the doors. This normally would have been much worse.

Now that summer is upon us, I look forward to the benefits of retaining more of our air conditioning, and the further enhancement of our high food safety standards in the helpful barrier the units present against fly pests.

AES has provided helpful, attentive customer contact following the installation. I highly recommend their units to any business with high customer traffic.

Mike Huxley