London Road Market

The winters in Lethbridge can sometimes be harsh. It not only gets cold, but it often is windy as well. This can make it uncomfortable for our customers entering our busy food market not to mention expensive in terms of energy loss when the doors are open.

In the fall of 2006 Tom Buchanan of Wind River Automatics Ltd. approached us with a possible solutions. After carefully considering his quote, we purchased a complete set of air curtains for our customer entry doors in the fall of 2007. The benefits were immediate. Customers were presented with a gentle warming experience without the cold blast of air from the door and therefore a much more comfortable feeling as soon as they entered the store. Our cashiers are more comfortable whenever the doors opened as well and we expect that the energy loss will have been reduced significantly over time.

However, the most significant benefit that we have noticed is that our air conditioning units have not had to be turned on at all since the beginning of summer. This is a considerable savings in energy cost. The store remains comfortable even on the hottest days because there is little or no loss of cool air through the doors because of the barrier provided by the air curtains.

We are look forward to all of the other benefits that our air curtains provide such as significant reduction in energy in both the winter and summer and the control over flying insects that are always a concern in the food business.

Wind River Automatics Ltd. provided assistance from the very beginning. We highly recommend Wind River Automatics Ltd and their AES Air Curtain products for your high volume customer entrance applications.

Yours sincerely,
Duane Gurr
London Road Market