I am writing to provide an account of our experience with the air curtain purchased from Advanced Energy Solutions (AES).

It was installed in October of 2001, on our forklift loading door. It has operated up to, and beyond, our expectations. First, our energy savings have been quite substantial.
Atco (our natural gas supplier), has documented a decrease in consumption of 23%, for the period of Sept 12/00-Jan 11/-01, when compared to the period of Sept 11/01-Jan 24/02.
We believe that this is primarily due to the effective operation of the air curtain.

The AES air curtain also contributes to overall efficiency – and safety – of our operations. Our forklift operators do not have to wait for the door to open to exit and enter with their loads. Of course with no physical barrier, there is complete visibility with not danger of sight obstruction, which is no small issue in our busy environment.

Further, its operating noise level is quite satisfactory, not a significant or intrusive factor in our daily operations. Quite simply, our employees involved with it on a daily basis appreciate it. In the winter season, we usually had to employ a space heater in the small office immediately adjacent to the fork-lift door. This is no longer necessary, resulting in additional savings despite our door being open almost continuously during the day.

We are completely satisfied with the AES installation and service do not hesitate to recommend their product to others. In fact, serious consideration is being given to the possibility of additional units. If you have any questions, you may contact me at the above number.

Paul Hanson
Plant Manager