The minimalist shape of the WING air curtain (inspired by the shape of glider wings) and the characteristic diamond-shaped side covers give the curtain a unique harmony and elegance. The energy-saving motor, efficient fan and double-row heat exchanger ensure quiet operation and the highest efficiency of the device.

Wing Unit Photograph
Wing Unit Photograph

C Series - Ambient

With its modern minimalist form and stylish design, the Wing VTS air curtain is visually appealing, can be matched to many interior designs and is unobtrusive. Its high power goes hand in hand with near-silent operation. The Wing air curtain solution is for any facility where it is necessary to take care of thermal comfort around door openings in restaurants, malls, professional buildings, etc.

Combining a unique design and excellent efficiency housed in galvanized steel, the C Series is an Ambient Air Curtain, perfect for food industry and other applications.

E Series - Heated

Made with the same attention to detail as the C Series, the E Series is the Heated model from Wing. An energy-efficient motor, powerful fan and electric heater ensure silent operation and the highest efficiency of the unit. Suitable for a wide variety of industries and applications, this low-temperature, high-power heater ensures safe operation without a fan overrun. 

W Series - Water Exchanger

With the high-quality materials and design you can expect from Wing, the W series is for facilities with their own Water Heater. This high-performance, two-row water heater is adapted to operate with consistent heat at the most economical cost.