The following is a compilation of other brands and may or may not apply to a particular brand. The following applies to our IND Industrial Air Curtains.
When comparing air curtain brands for purchase, make sure you are comparing apples to apples. A lower price can also result in:

  • Performance that falls short of your requirements
  • Higher installation costs
  • Higher maintenance costs
  • Shorter operating life

The joy of receiving the lowest price is very often offset by the pain of subsequent costs!

AES -The “Custom Built” Air Curtain
The Competition – Ind Series
Tubular steel

  • Absolute rigidity with no deflection to 30 ft. in width
Tubular aluminum or angle iron

  • Units over 8 ft. sag, throwing blowers out of alignment. Decreases life. Increases maintenance.
Enamel on galvanized steel – totally enclosed

  • Attractive appearance, corrosion resistant – All components are totally enclosed with the air curtain
Galvanized Steel – Motors outside case

  • Poor ascetics. Even in a warehouse, appearance counts
Belt drive, totally enclosed

  • Long life, dust free. Infinite velocity adjustment for different heights of opening. AES uses a velocity of 300 ft./min per ft. of height
Direct drive, open motors

  • Motors take in dust, reducing life. Velocity is pre set by RPM. One velocity does not fit all heights.
Blower Shaft
Single shaft per blower

  • Ease of maintenance. Individual blowers may be easily replaced
Multiple blowers per shaft

  • All blowers must be replaced if one is damaged or fails
Shaft Coupling
Vibration dampening coupling between each blower None.

  • Smooth operation. Vibration from one blower is not transmitted throughout the air curtain. Ease of maintenance.
Single shaft for multiple blowers

  • More change of misalignment. Difficult, expensive maintenance
Air Intake

  • No obstruction to air intake

  • Air intake is restricted when overhead door is raised
Discharge Vanes
3 rows of 2 ft. long, AES designed Vanes

  • Extruded aluminum. Infinite adjustment of air flow for individual applications. Every vane can be individually adjusted. ‘Tear drop’ shape provides maximum efficiency with laminated air flow.
Flat, generally all vanes must be pointed in the same direction

  • No adjustment for individual applications. No lamination of air flow.
5″ deep full length

  • Plenum allows air to mix between blowers largely eliminating dead spaces in the air flow.
Direct discharge

  • The space between blowers is ‘blanked’ off causing a large V shaped area between each blower with no air flow protection against the intrusion of cold air.
Control Panel

AES Exclusive one cabinet panel.

  • Panel contains on/off switch, motor overload protection, disconnect and connection to door operated micro switch which is also included
No controls or separate components for each function

  • Added cost. Added mounting space required
Two methods

  • May be mounted by suspending from ceiling joists or by knee braces
Single method

  • If the one method does not fit, the cost of the installation is greatly increased
Custom design for every application

  • The air curtain you receive will ‘work’ in your application. It has been custom designed to do so!
Off the shelf

  • A one size fits all philosophy. One size does not fit all! Try this concept by towing a large trailer with a ‘Smart Car’.
Four to six weeks

  • The air curtain you receive will ‘work’ in your application. It has been custom designed to do so!
One Week

  • You receive a cookie cutter design air curtain