What is an Air Curtain?

An AIR CURTAIN is the ONLY door that is both open and closed at the same time, even sealing itself around penetrating objects. The air curtain uses a wall of air generated by specialized fans and directional discharge to separate areas of pressure or temperature differential.

Air Curtains accomplish this and at the same time:.

  • Maintain the temperature comfort level by preventing a blast of cold air every time the door opens
  • Increase safety by providing unobstructed entrances resulting in clear sight lines and dry floors for people and product movement
  • Save energy cost by keeping in either heat in the winter months or air conditioned air in the summer months (AES air curtains generally pay for themselves in energy savings within the first three years)

AES Customer Entrance Air Curtains:

  • Are manufactured with a powder coated, galvanized steel shell for appearance and durability
  • Are equipped with a through flow blower blade that is a breakthrough in the field of air curtain noise control. It can generate a high volume air flow while avoiding the range of high noise frequencies. The result is a highly efficient air curtain with quiet operation.customerentryimage