Energy Conservation

Building entrances equipped with Air Curtains have been scientifically proven to be more energy efficient than entrances with single doors or vestibules.

Enhanced Food Safety

Air curtains help minimise the ingress of flying insects, dust, wind and ambient moisture ensuring a clean and healthy environment.

Employee Comfort

Air curtains help to promote and maintain a better indoor comfort whether warm, cool or ambient.

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AES Air Curtains

AES is proud to offer the absolute best in Air Curtains from both EnergyGuard and Thermoscreens.

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Energy Guard Air Curtains offer the door that’s open, yet, still closed. Air curtains come as heated or non-heated units in many different sizes from three feet for standard doors, up to custom lengths of thirty feet long for overhead doors.

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Thermoscreens offer a range of air curtains for a wide range of applications from small kiosks to industrial doors. Our air curtains can be heated by either Water, Electric or Heat Pump and there are also models for applications where no heat is required (Ambient).